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Project solution demagnetization with alternating current coils

A construction with 2 mobile HE-20 demagnetizers and a conveyor belt

Project solution demagnetization with alternating current coils


With simple means, demagnetization can be integrated into a stationary environment with a conveyor belt. If a workpiece on the belt is slowly moved over a degaussing device, a better effect can be achieved than when moving the device over a lying part.

The individual project solution consists of a conveyor belt for the transport of the parts to be demagnetized with 2 built-in HE-20 flat demagnetizing coils on top of each other. The parts are transported through between the two poles of the flat demagnetizing coils; when the demagnetizing poles are removed, the field is slowly reduced for optimum demagnetization.

A capacitive button is installed on the conveyor belt to switch on the conveyor belt and the flat demagnetizing coils, at the end of the conveyor belt there is a light barrier to stop the conveyor belt and to switch off the coils so that the demagnetized parts cannot fall down.

For an optimal demagnetizing effect, the conveyor belt should be set up in the transport direction in the east-west or west-east direction in order to avoid any influence of the earth's magnetic field on the demagnetization. The upper demagnetizing flat coil has a height adjustment to adapt to different part geometries.

List-Magnetik supplies these and other individual demagnetization systems from a single source: We can manufacture and connect the electrotechnical installation, mechanical components and control technology. Our measurement technology is used to measure the success of the system.

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