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Magnetic Field Meter / Gaussmeter MP-1000

Magnetic Field Meter to measure all kinds of steady and alternating fields

Magnetic Field Meter / Gaussmeter MP-1000


The List-Magnetik MP-1000 magnetic field meter is a handy universal device with externally connectable tangential and axial field probes for the precise measurement of all types of magnetic fields: steady DC fields, alternating AC fields and pulsed fields.

With the easy one-button operation, magnetic field strength can be measured from the weak earth magnetic field up to strong field s of 20,000 A/cm, switchable in Gauss/Oersted.

A separate built-in micro controller in the MP-1000's measuring probes digitizes and linearizes the analog measurement signals of the hall sensor into the probe. This gives an extremely trouble-free and precise measurement, especially at high magnetic field strengths. The probe cable is pluggable at both ends, at the display unit and the probe, which is particularly service-friendly, as the cable can simply be replaced if it becomes faulty. Applications of the Magnetic Field Tester MP-1000 are the test for residual magnetism, the measurement of magnetic fields of all kinds, as well as the localization of stray fields for crack detection.

With a magnetic field meter / magnetometer / Gaussmeter / Teslameter (all names describe the same) you can see small differences in the strength of the magnetic field during the magnetic field measuring. From low field values just above the Earth's magnetic field, via residual magnetism / remanence with low A / cm or Gauss / Oersted residual magnetic field values up to peak fields, the magnetic field meters from List-Magnetik are durable and you get reproducible field strength values during the magnetic field test. In addition, we offer a calibration standard (reference magnet), with which you can always check your magnetic field tester for accuracy.


Technical Data Magnetic Field Meter / Magnetometer / Gaussmeter / Teslameter MP-1000

Measurement Units: A/cm - Gauss(Oe) switchable
(1 A/cm = 1.256 Gauss = 1.256 Oersted)
Applicable measuring probes: axial probes P-A2 and P-W2, tangential probes P-T2 and P-Z2
Measuring range DC: 0-20,000 A/cm
Measuring range AC: 20-20,000 A/cm
Accuracy: in the homogeneous field ± 2% of the measured value ± 1 digit
Resolution: 0–100 A/cm: 0.1 A/cm
>= 100 A/cm: 1 A/cm
>= 1,000 A/cm: 10 A/cm
>= 10,000 A/cm: 100 A/cm
AC Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 5 kHz
Peak Hold: with Impulse duration >= 0.1 msec.
Display: LCD display 3 digit
Power Supply: 2x 1.5 V AA Mignon
Operating time: approx. 35 h
Dimensions: 105 x 65 x 26 mm
Weight: 137 g with batteries


Scope of supply Magnetic Field Meter / Magnetometer / Gaussmeter / Teslameter MP-1000:

Magnetic Field Meter MP-1000 without probe, with probe cable and case, including calibration certificate. The measuring probe needs to be ordered separately Magnetic Field Meter MP-1000 Magnetic Field Meter MP-1000


Measuring Probes for Magnetic Field Measuring


Recommended Optionals:

Precision Calibration Standard 180 A/cm

A calibration standard is a reference magnet with which an axial or tangential measuring probe matched to it can be checked for accuracy by the user.

Precision Calibration Standard 180 A/cm Precision Calibration Standard 180 A/cm with tangential probe Precision Calibration Standard 180 A/cm
Zero Gauss Chamber NGK-10

In order to be able to carry out the probe calibration for magnetic field measuring devices independently of the earth's magnetic field, a shielded Zero Gauss Chamber helps

Zero Gauss Chamber NGK-10 Zero Gauss Chamber NGK-10