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List-Magnetik GmbH

Magnetizing / Demagnetizing

In the future, List-Magnetics will focus exclusively on measurement technology.

Magnetizing and demagnetizing business to be discontinued

In order to strengthen our focus on measurement, List-Magnetik will discontinue the capacitor discharge systems for magnetization and demagnetization at the end of 2023.

What will happen next?

We have reached an agreement with our long-time market partner, Magnet-Physik Dr. Steingroever GmbH (MPS). Like us, they are a family business and have been established in the magnetics and measurement market for decades, but they are larger and more powerful than List-Magnetik.

Magnet-Physik Dr.Steingroever GmbH

MPS will provide service and spare parts for systems from the last 10 years. List-Magnetik and MPS will work together as partners; we will support MPS with our know-how and knowledge of system projects. Warranty service for existing systems will continue to be provided by List-Magnetik.

New systems will be designed, built and delivered by MPS

We will continue to be your first point of contact during the warranty period. However, new systems will be designed, built and delivered by MPS. MPS can count on our support, especially when replacing or duplicating existing List-Magnetik systems. We continue to supply the measurement technology for magnetizing systems, including measuring dummies and magnetic field meters.

Talk to us

If you have any questions about the details of this collaboration or the impact on your system, we will be happy to provide you with all the relevant information.

Mobile demagnetizers (HE-10, HE-20) will still be supplied.


Heinz-Dieter List und Rainer Prigge