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Service Applications

Service Application Lima Service

You can use the free Windows application Lima Service to set the time on your device that is used for data transfer.

If the device is malfunctioning, you can read data from the device that will help our telephone support technicians analyze it. This means that we may be able to resolve the situation without you having to send in the device and lose time.

The application runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Older versions of Windows have not been tested.

Language Packages TOP-CHECK

The service tool also allows you to install language packages on TOP-CHECK Dual and Ferro from firmware 300-350 (early 2023 to March 2024).

Service Application Lima Service


Download Lima Service
for TOP-CHECK Dual and Ferro from firmware 300 (from 2023), for MP-810, for FERRITE-CHECK 140

Firmware Update TOP-CHECK

Firmware Update
TOP-CHECK Dual, Ferro, Ferro-1000
Revision 1.150

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