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List-Magnetik GmbH

News 2023 / 2024

2023 / 2024: Two years of renewal of our measuring instrument product range

Second generation of the "Compact" series with a new Bluetooth Low Energy interface (BLE) and new memory management

Start with the TOP-CHECK coating thickness gauge
Schichtdickenmessgerät TOP-CHECK
Schichtdickenmessgerät TOP-CHECK Ferro-1000

A new "Comfort" device series, starting with the MEGA-CHECK DX coating thickness measuring device and the MP-4000 magnetic field measuring device

Schichtdickenmessgerät MEGA-CHECK DX
Magnetfeldmessgerät / Gaussmeter MP-4000

The Compact series is supplemented with the magnetic field measuring device MP-810, the successor to MP-800, and FERRITE-CHECK 140, the new ferrite content measuring device, which succeeds the FERRITE-CHECK 110.

Both have the memory management and BLE interface from TOP-CHECK.
TOP-CHECK, MP-810 and FERRITE-CHECK 140 are equipped with menus in 8 languages
Magnetfeldmessgerät / Gaussmeter MP-810
Ferritgehaltsmessgerät FERRITE-CHECK 140

FerroPro compact, a permeability measuring device, appears in the Comfort series.

Permeabilitätsmessgerät FerroPro compact