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Magnet permeability meter FerroPro compact

Convenient and robust instrument for measuring the relative magnetic permeability µr between 1 and 5

Magnet permeability meter FerroPro compact


Paramagnetic materials up to permeability µr=5

The List-Magnetik Magnetic Permeability Meter FerroPro compact can be used to determine the relative magnetic permeability µr of materials and components in the range between 1.000 and 5.000.

Magnetic permeability or magnetic conductivity provides information on how strongly a material can be magnetized.

Applications include quality control of stainless steels, non-destructive testing of structural components, material selection for electron/ion physics and nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, and detection of material changes in highly stressed parts.

The instrument is calibrated against precisely calibrated reference standards traceable to the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB (Braunschweig, Germany). Recalibration is easily possible. A calibration standard is supplied with each instrument. The magnetic permeability of a material is usually strongly dependent on the strength and frequency of the magnetizing field. The probe of the FerroPro compact can be adjusted to different excitation field strengths. FerroPro compact can be used to perform standard-compliant permeability measurements according to ASTM A342 test methods 1 and 4, EN 60404-15 method 6 and VG 95578.

FerroPro compact has a graphical LCD touch panel with an innovative user interface and a resolution of 320x480 pixels.

Scan Measurement

Data logger and Application

Do you want to continuously scan a workpiece and determine the minimum and maximum values? The scan measurement provides you with a graphical permeability curve with statistical evaluation. Do you need to generate a report of the permeability measurement? With the Lima Connect app you can read out the device memory and process and send the data.
Magnet permeability meter FerroPro compact
Magnet permeability meter FerroPro compact

The scan function allows the user to scan the surface of a part and statistically evaluate the data. The additional analog display complements the visualization of measured values, allowing you to see trends and peaks even out of the corner of your eye.

With flexible data logger, combined digital and analog display, and peak value measurement, the instrument supports all areas of permeability measurement. The Bluetooth interface can be used to transfer data to a Windows PC as well as to the Android or iOS app. The USB-C interface allows the device to be connected to an external power source for continuous operation.

The measured permeability value depends on the dimensions of small objects. The sensitivity of the device increases with the thickness of the object. From a material thickness of 5 mm and an extension of about 20 mm, the measurement is independent of size.

A short video tutorial on the use of the device


Ferromaster vs. FerroPro compact

Major advantages over our proven Ferromaster model, which will continue to be offered, are the graphical display with many additional features such as scan measurement and analog display. The FerroPro compact offers memory and an interface to Windows PC and mobile devices. The measuring range is up to µr=5.
In addition, the probe and cable are separately replaceable, as these parts are easily damaged if misused. Now they can be replaced without returning the whole meter to the factory for repair.


FerroPro FP-5 vs. FerroPro compact

Advantages over the laboratory instrument FerroPro FP-5 are the compact design as a handheld instrument as well as additional functions such as scan measurement and analog display. In addition to the Windows interface, the FerroPro compact offers an interface to mobile devices.


Manage and send measurement data with a free application

To further process your measurement data, you can pair your measuring device with mobile Android and iOS devices. Or you communicate with a Windows PC. This is made possible by Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE). With the Lima Connect app you can manage projects and assign the measuring points on a photo. The measurement results can be statistically evaluated and displayed graphically. The app for Android, iOS and Windows is free.

Data transfer application Lima Connect



Technical Data Magnet permeability meter FerroPro compact

Measuring range: µr = 1.000 to 5.000
Probe: FPC-5, interchangeable, with separately interchangeable cable
Accuracy at 20°C: (µr - 1) x 5%, against traceable calibration standards, can be readjusted
Resolution: 0.001
Ambient temperature range 0 - 50° C
Display: LCD color touch panel 320x480 pixels
Temperature range: 0 to 50 °C
Multilingual menu: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Data logger: 10,000 measurements, flexibly divisible
Interface: Bluetooth Low Energy interface to communicate with Android, iOS and Windows
App for Android, iOS, Windows: free via Google Play Store, Apple App Store, List-Magnetik homepage
Power supply: 3x 1.5V AA Mignon. External power supply connectable via USB-C
Operating time: Approximately 25 hours with battery, unlimited with external power source.
Dimensions: 150 x 85 x 35 mm
Weight: 320 g with batteries
Data sheet FerroPro compact


Models and scope of delivery Magnet permeability meter FerroPro compact

FerroPro compact with measuring probe FPC-5, calibration standard (~1.35), probe cable, USB Bluetooth receiver and case, including calibration certificate Magnet permeability meter FerroPro compact Magnet permeability meter FerroPro compact


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Firmware Update LMG4

Firmware Update
MEGA-CHECK DX / MP-4000 / FerroPro compact
Revision 510 Build 354

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