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  • List-Magnetik GmbH
    Your partner for Coating Thickness Meters
    Precise measuring devices for paint on metal, for electroplating and anodized coatings
    Coating Thickness Meter TOP-CHECK


    Your partner for Magnetic Field Meters / Gaussmeters
    Precise measuring devices for magnetic fields, magnetic flux and residual magnetism
    Gaussmeter / Magnetic Field Meter


    Your partner for materials testing
    Affordable and accurate instruments for low permeability and ferrite content
    Materials testing


    List-Magnetik GmbH

    List-Magnetik GmbH List-Magnetik GmbH

    Welcome to the List-Magnetik website

    World leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for:

    Measuring instruments of the highest precision - Made in Germany

    All List-Magnetik instruments are manufactured in our head office in Germany and guarantee you the highest quality and reliability.

    The many years of experience of our engineers in the design and manufacture of coating thickness measuring devices, magnetic field measuring devices, instruments for determining permeability and magnetic flux, who have been researching and developing technologically very advanced and increasingly innovative products for years, make our company a serious and reliable partner all over the world.

    ➥ Coating thickness gauges

    With coating thickness gauges, you can quickly and easily measure the thickness of paint, resin, electroplated coatings, anodized aluminum, plastic, rubber or ceramic on all kinds of metals. Coatings made of chrome, cadmium, zinc, aluminum and many other substances on steel can also be precisely measured.

    A layer thickness measuring device provides information about corrosion protection and the probable service life of a base material. In this way, the qualitative suitability of a product and its appearance can be guaranteed and conformity with a large number of international standards can be established.

    ➥ Magnetic field meters

    Portable digital magnetic field measuring devices with microprocessor technology, compact and handy, enable a high-precision analysis of magnetic constant fields, alternating fields or pulse fields. They are used in the control of materials with residues of machining magnetism, in the medical field for the scattering of magnetic fields generated by magnetic resonance devices, in all situations in which magnetic fields are present.

    Magnetic field measuring devices play a fundamental role in the preventive control of materials that have been magnetized or demagnetized for various reasons, and they are also important for mapping the magnetic field profiles in the field of magnetic resonance.

    ➥ Magnetizers and demagnetizers


    To magnetize hard magnetic materials, you can use pulse magnetizers based on the capacitor discharge process or pulse magnetizing yokes. Very high magnetic fields are generated to saturate the permanent magnet materials.

    Our magnetizers are suitable for use in flow production as well as for laboratory operations and can be individually adapted to your requirements.


    In order to demagnetize unintentionally magnetized parts, such as turned parts, tools, cutting plates, bulk goods, a reliable demagnetizer is required.

    A demagnetizer generates an alternating magnetic field. In order to reduce the residual magnetism to a minimum, the frequency of this alternating field can be adapted to the geometry of the part to be demagnetized.

    We manufacture demagnetizers based on the capacitor discharge process for demagnetizing solid parts or entire components. We also offer mobile demagnetizing devices.

    Learn more about our product range and get inspired

    List-Magnetik guarantees you targeted advice and fast service.

    You can see all the information on our website that is necessary for your selection.


    Measure layer thicknesses precisely and easily

    Measure layer thicknesses precisely and easily

    Measure layers on metal: whether lacquer, anodized, galvanic layers or other layers. We also have suitable solutions for you for complex surfaces or measuring points that are difficult to reach. We build extremely robust devices with durable technology. Made in Germany.

    Check magnetism reliably

    Check magnetism reliably

    Determine the magnetic field strength, the residual magnetism or the permeability on your steel parts. Whether it is to determine constant or alternating fields, whether peak values or the magnetic flux, with us you will find the solution tailored to your measurement task. Our strengths are magnetism and measuring device

    Magnetizing and demagnetizing

    Magnetizing and demagnetizing

    With decades of know-how, we are the leading German plant manufacturer in the fields of magnetization and demagnetization. Our special strengths are magnetizing and demagnetizing devices with the highest precision, individually tailored to the customer. Therefore, our magnetization system represents a long-lasting and maintenance-friendly investment.

    List-Magnetik GmbH

    Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster

    Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster

    Magnet permeability meter FerroPro FP-5

    Magnet permeability meter FerroPro FP-5


    Coating Thickness Meter TOP-CHECK

    Coating Thickness Meter TOP-CHECK


    Magnetic Field Meter MP-2000

    Magnetic Field Meter / Gaussmeter MP-2000


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