Coating Thickness Meter TOP-CHECK

Coating Thickness Meter TOP-CHECK

Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster

Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster

Magnetic Field Meter MP-2000

Magnetic Field Meter / Gaussmeter MP-2000

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at the website of List-Magnetik Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich List GmbH.

List-Magnetik is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of magnetics and its application.


Measuring instruments of the highest precision

In our own production facility our high-quality precision measuring devices "Made in Germany" are manufactured, which guarantees the highest quality.

The many years of technical know-how in the field of coating thickness measurement, paint coating measurement, magnetic field measurement and other magnetic measurements like permability or magnetic flux of our dedicated development engineers, as well as the constant development of our measuring instruments ensures high customer satisfaction worldwide.
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Coating Thickness Measurement


Measurement techniques and procedures in coating thickness measurement

Two measuring techniques are used to measure the thickness of layers over a metal substrate. Firstly, the magnetic induction, that is, when the substrate is self-magnetizable (steel or iron), and, secondly, the eddy current method, that is, when the substrate is at least electrically conductive...

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Magnetic Measuring

Magnetizing equipment

Magnetic fields in manufacturing and industry

Magnetic fields are invisible. The magnetism of a workpiece can only be recognized by the effect on other steel parts or chips. Often, however, residual magnetism is an undesirable effect, and that is why it is increasingly the subject of quality audits. Magnetism is also an important component of mechanical engineering...

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Magnetizing Equipment

magnetizing equipment

List-Magnetik - leading German special machines manufacturer for magnetization and demagnetization.

Our strengths are individual, customer-specific solutions and device construction, to the absolute highest precision. A List-Magnetik magnetizer is a long-lasting and maintenance-friendly investment...

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

ultrasonic thickness gauges

Corrosion Testing and Material Thickness Measurement

The Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement is used to determine the thickness of a material, for example the wall of a tank or pipe. An ultrasonic thickness gauge is also applicable for detecting material errors, as a corrosion tester...

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