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List-Magnetik GmbH

Applications for Coating Thickness Meter MEGA-CHECK Master and Profi

Data transfer application MEGA-CHECK TRANSFER

With the free data transfer application / measurement data software / measurement data application MEGA-CHECK TRANSFER, you can transfer measured data from the Coating Thickness Gauge MEGA-CHECK Master or MEGA-CHECK Profi to the PC, save, evaluate and transfer them to subsequent applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel).

The application runs on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista (32 + 64-bit versions).

Data transfer application MEGA-CHECK TRANSFER


The firmware version of the device will be displayed if you press and hold the red button for a while during switch-on.

for MEGA-CHECK Master/Profi from May 2019 (Firmware-Version 15.1 and up)

Installation Guide and User’s Manual MEGA-CHECK TRANSFER 3.1

Here you find software for older MEGA-CHECK Master/Profi up to April 2019 (Firmware version up to 14.x)