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Ferrite content meter FERRITE-CHECK 140

for ferrite content measurement in austenitic and duplex steels

Ferrite content meter FERRITE-CHECK 140


Ferrite content measurement kept simple

The List-Magnetik FERRITE-CHECK 140 ferrite content meter is a compact and handy device with an integrated probe for measuring the ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels according to the Basel standard DIN EN ISO 8249 using the magnetic induction method.


FERRITE-CHECK 110 is no longer manufactured. The successor FERRITE-CHECK 140 offers a menu in 8 languages, a memory and a Bluetooth interface. The calibration has been revised and is much more stable than its predecessor.

Display of the ferrite content via OLED display

With a single button and the self-explanatory multilingual menu navigation, the ferrite content meter is very easy to use. The illuminated and high-contrast OLED display shows the measurement in FN and Fe%.

Measure ferrite content in welds

Especially for welded duplex steels, a ferrite content measurement is important to know, if the weld has enough ferrite content to guarantee the strength of the weld. If there is insufficient heat input or cooling in the weld area, the ferrite content may be too low.

Fast and continuous ferrite content measurement

With FERRITE-CHECK 140, the ferrite content can be determined very accurately and quickly. To detect the weld seam on smooth or polished surfaces, the instrument can be switched to fast continuous measurement. When the probe is placed on the surface and moved along the surface, measured values are continuously stored and, after the probe is lifted off, the statistics consisting of the minimum, maximum and average values of the series of measurements are displayed.

Calibrating the ferrite content meter

The FERRITE-CHECK 140 ferrite content meter is supplied with 3 calibration standards traceably calibrated to the NIST standard.

Ferrite content meter FERRITE-CHECK 140


Manage and send measurement data with a free application

Ferrite content meter FERRITE-CHECK 140

To further process your measurement data, you can pair your measuring device with mobile Android and iOS devices. Or you communicate with a Windows PC. This is made possible by Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE). With the Lima Connect app you can manage projects and assign the measuring points on a photo. The measurement results can be statistically evaluated and displayed graphically. The app for Android, iOS and Windows is free.

Data transfer application Lima Connect

Service tool

The free Windows app Lima Service is available on our homepage. You can use it to set the time on your device that will be used during data transfer.

If there is a malfunction of the device, you can read data from the device, which will help our technicians in telephone support to analyze it. Thus, we may be able to remedy the situation without you having to send in the device and lose time.

The application runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Older Windows versions are not tested.


Technical data Ferrite content meter FERRITE-CHECK 140

Application: Measurement of ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steels
Measuring range: 1 - 100 Fe%
1 - 140 FN
Measuring method: Single measurement or continuous measurement with averaging
Smallest measuring area: ø 2 mm
Resolution: until 10: 0.01, above 10: 0.1
Ambient temperature: 0 - 50 °C
Display: illuminated high-contrast graphic OLED display
Menu navigation: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch
Data logger: 4000 measured values flexibly divisible
Statistics:count / maximum / minimum / average / standard deviation
Interface: Bluetooth Low Energy interface for communication with Android, iOS and Windows
App for Android, iOS, Windows: free of charge via Google Play Store, Apple App Store, List-Magnetik website
Power supply: 1x 1.5 V AA Mignon
Operating time: approx. 30 hours
Dimensions: Ø 28 x 94 mm
Weight: 72 g (with battery)
Data sheet FERRITE-CHECK 140


Scope of supply:

FERRITE-CHECK 140 with 3 calibration standards, USB Bluetooth receiver, spare battery and case, including calibration certificate Ferrite content meter FERRITE-CHECK 140 Ferrite content meter FERRITE-CHECK 140

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