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Fluxmeter FL-4

Fluxmeter with peak memory, comparator and limit value interface

Fluxmeter FL-4


The Fluxmeter FL-4 is a measuring device for the determination of the magnetic flux Φ (Phi) of a magnet system or a single magnet.

For the examination of a permanent magnet or magnetic system, the question is the magnet quality, and how strong the magnetization of the magnet is. The measurement of the magnetic field strength with a magnetic field measuring device is only possible at certain points and does not consider the volume of the magnet. This task is done by a fluxmeter.

The Helmholtz torque coil is optional with the fluxmeter

In combination with the List-Magnetik Helmholtz moment coil HM-1, the magnetic flux of permanent magnets can be determined very accurately, since the entire volume of the magnet is measured independently of position. The effect of the magnet on the coil is determined in the form of an electrical voltage and converted into the flux value (or flux). Technically speaking, the Fluxmeter FL-4 is an electronic analog voltage integrator.

In addition to the Helmholtz moment coil HM-1, all types of coils or coil probes can be connected to the device, whereby the magnetic flux density B can be calculated for a known turn area. The Fluxmeter FL-4 has a very high input resistance of 33 kΩ, so that the measurement error when connecting any coil probes is eliminated even with high internal resistance.

Minimum drift of flux values with automatic correction

The Fluxmeter FL-4 is characterized by a very high sensitivity with minimal drift. A newly developed automatic drift correction automatically corrects disturbances such as temperature when measuring very small flow values. This means that the drift does not have to be corrected manually using a potentiometer, which simplifies the work and eliminates sources of error. The built-in peak value memory facilitates the determination of maximum values of a magnet system.

Limit value specification of flux values with signaling

For evaluation, 2 limit values (upper / lower) can be entered. When these target values are exceeded or undercut, an external 24V signal output is set and it’s visually displayed. The built-in online measurement optionally sends the current measured values to the PC via a USB interface.

You can use the Fluxmeter FL-4 not only for measuring the magnetic flux of permanent magnets, but also for quality control and sorting of magnetic products. Its versatility makes it useful in both production and laboratory.

Technical Data Fluxmeter FL-4

Measuring unit: Vs (volt second, corresponds to the SI unit Wb / Weber)
Measuring ranges: 0-10 mVs, 0-100 mVs switchable
Accuracy: 2%
Resolution: 0.001 mVs
Drift: less than 0.005 mVs / min.
Automatic drift: less than 0.002 mVs / min.
Display: graphical PLC operator terminal with menu navigation and display of measured values
Multilingual menu navigation: German / English
Interfaces: USB 2.0 for communication with PC, 24V analog signal interface for process control


Helmholtz Moment Coil HM-1

The Helmholtz HM-1 Moment Coil is a 90 mm inner diameter coil that allows you to measure the magnetic flux of a magnet with the Fluxmeter FL-4. Through the observation hole you can see the position of the magnet from all sides.

Technical Data Helmholtz Moment Coil HM-1

Inner diameter: 90 mm
Inner height: 77 mm

Data transfer application FL-4 TRANSFER

With the free-of-charge data transfer application / measuring data software / measuring data application FL-4 TRANSFER you can transfer measurement data from your Fluxmeter FL-4 o the PC, save, evaluate and transfer them to subsequent applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel).

The application runs on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista (32 + 64-bit versions).

Data transfer application FL-4 TRANSFER


Download FL-4 TRANSFER V4.01
für FL-4

Installation Guide and User’s Manual FL-4 TRANSFER 4.01

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