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Magnetizer/Demagnetizer DE-MAG 500

Efficient and powerful magnetizer or demagnetizer, thanks to the capacitor discharge process

The DE-MAG 500 magnetizing and demagnetizing device is a newly developed low-cost device based on the capacitor discharge process. It is therefore very well suited for magnetizing magnets and sensor systems made of ferrite or AlNiCo alloy. With the combination of magnetization and demagnetization performance, it can be used for calibration, for defined magnetization. It can also be used to demagnetize solid or hardened steel parts.

For magnetization and demagnetization, a coil is connected to the device that matches the geometry of the components to be magnetized or demagnetized.

The magnetization of ferrite or AlNiCo magnet systems is performed with a single high current pulse. The current strength can be up to a maximum of 15,000 A. This current is passed through the magnetizing coil and enables cycle times of 3 to 5 seconds in flow production.

During demagnetization, individual decaying alternating field pulses are emitted to the connected coil via a special high-current thyristor circuit. The low frequency is adjustable in the range from 5 Hz to 50 Hz. Magnetic field strengths of up to 5,000 A / cm are achieved. This guarantees an optimal demagnetization of the component, with less than 5 A / cm remanence, even with large component geometry, since the depth of penetration of the demagnetization is very large.

The device has a built-in graphic PLC control that communicates with an automatic process automation in production via its interfaces.

Magnetizer/Demagnetizer DE-MAG 500

Diagram Magnetizing Pulse

Magnetizer/Demagnetizer DE-MAG 500

Diagram Demagnetizing Pulse

Magnetizer/Demagnetizer DE-MAG 500

Technical Data Magnetizer/Demagnetizer DE-MAG 500

Power: 500 Ws
Charging voltage: adjustable from 50 to 510 V
Minimum magnetizing cycle time: 3 seconds (depending on coil configuration)
Minimum cycle time demagnetizing: 3 to 8 seconds (depending on the demagnetizing frequency)
Connection: 3 x 400 V / 16 A / 50-60 Hz
Communication interface: 24 V, analog input and output signals
Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 600 mm [H x W x D]
Weight: 100 kg without coil


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