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Magnetic Field Meter / Gaussmeter MP-5000

Laboratory and process instrument for the measurement of magnetic DC and AC fields

Magnetic Field Meter / Gaussmeter MP-5000

The measurement of magnetic fields with handsets is quite practical, but when it comes to the automated use in a process chain, battery-powered devices with unidirectional interface are not sufficient. If you need to measure magnetic fields in the process flow, transfer the results directly to the process control, and derive immediate analyzes, then you need a device with high measurement accuracy and integration capability: MP-5000. With RS232 / USB interface and graphic control panel.

Via the interface you can integrate the device into your production environment, control the measurement and use the feedback for decision-making in the process chain.

Proven probes are used which guarantee a stable repeatability of the measurements with their high measuring accuracy. The axial field probe P-A2 measures the field in the direction of the probe and is suitable for measuring on flat or curved surfaces or especially in holes. The Hall sensor in the axial field probe is positioned at a defined measuring distance of 2.0 mm from the measuring surface. The tangential field probe P-T2 measures the field at right angles to the direction of the probes and is suitable for measuring in air gaps, cavities or on the surface of workpieces.

Manage and send measurement data with a free application

So that you can easily manage and send your measurement data, the MP-5000 TRANSFER application for MP-5000 is available for the PC free of charge.

Data transfer application MP-5000 TRANSFER


Technical Data Magnetic Field Meter / Magnetometer / Gaussmeter / Teslameter MP-5000

Measuring units: A/cm - kA/m - Gauss(Oe) - Tesla
(1 A/cm = 0.1 kA/m = 1.256 Gauss = 1.256 Oersted = 0.1256 mT)
Applicable measuring probes: Axial probes P-A2, P-W2 and P-A4,Tangential probes P-T2, P-T4, P-Z2, P-Z4 and P-T4A.
Measuring range DC: 0-40,000 A/cm
Measuring range AC: 20-20,000 A/cm
Accuracy: in the homogeneous field 0-20,000 A/cm ± 2% ± 1 digit,
> 20,000 A/cm ± 3% of the displayed value ± 1 digit
Resolution: 0-200 A/cm: 0.1 A/cm,
> 200 A/cm: 1 A/cm,
> 10,000 A/cm: 10 A/cm
Frequency range AC: 10 Hz – 5 KHz
Peak Hold: with impulse duration >= 0.1 msec
Display: graphical PLC operating terminal with menu guidance, display of measured values digital or analog, and trend measurement
Multilingual menu navigation: German / English
Data logger: 500 measurements
Statistics: Count / Maximum / Minimum / Average / Standard deviation
Interfaces: RS232 interface with USB cable for communication with PC, 24V analog signal interface for process control
Power supply: 230V
Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 220 mm
Weight: 1800 g with probe and power supply


Scope of supply Magnetic Field Meter / Magnetometer / Gaussmeter / Teslameter MP-5000:

Magnetic Field Meter MP-5000 without probe, with probe cable and USB cable.
The measuring probe needs to be ordered separately.

Measuring Probes for Magnetic Field Measuring


Recommended Optionals:

Precision Calibration Standard 180 A/cm

Precision Calibration Standard 180 A/cm Precision Calibration Standard 180 A/cm with axial probe Precision Calibration Standard 180 A/cm with tangential probe

A calibration standard is a reference magnet with which an axial or tangential measuring probe matched to it can be checked for accuracy by the user.