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Magnetizing / Demagnetizing

We transform your ideas into your products

Individual, customer-specific solutions and device construction with the highest precision

List-Magnetik is your partner for all topics related to magnetization and demagnetization.

Together with you, we develop tailor-made magnetization solutions for permanent magnet excited electric motors of all sizes and outputs. Or we will find a solution for you to demagnetize parts of all kinds, tools, cutting plates and bulk goods.

We would be happy to advise you on your special requirements and bring in our many years of experience.

A magnetizing or demagnetizing system from List-Magnetik is a long-lasting and maintenance-friendly investment.

We have shown our strengths in numerous projects: From the optimal design of the combination of coil and pulse control, in the construction of the system, smooth commissioning and the very rare service case.

List-Magnetik - all components from a single source

We can also offer the appropriate measuring technology for the system: the magnetic field strength is measured with process measuring devices specially manufactured for the magnetizing coil. So that you always know whether your magnets have been saturated enough. With residual magnetic field measuring devices, you can precisely determine the success of the demagnetization.


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When magnetized, a previously non-magnetic material (e.g. iron) becomes magnetic. The magnetization takes place through a parallel alignment of the elementary magnets in the material. To do this, the material is exposed to an external magnetic field.



A demagnetizing / degaussing device reduces the residual magnetism / remanence down to a value close to zero. They are used to demagnetize machine parts of all kinds, tools, cutting plates and bulk goods.


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List-Magnetik offers you individual solutions suitable for your task