Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster

Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster
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Product no.: 3110
Manufacturer: List-Magnetik GmbH
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Products description

Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster

With the Magnet permeability meter List-Magnetik Ferromaster you can easily determine the relative magnetic permeability µr of feebly magnetic materials and workpieces with a permeability between 1.001 and 1.999.

The magnetic permeability or magnetic conductivity makes a statement as to how strong a material is magnetizable.

The permeability is measured by touching the workpiece with the probe tip and reading the result from the display.

Typical applications are: non-destructive testing of materials, e. g. quality control of stainless steel, material selection for electron-/ion-beam equipment, detection of material defects induced by mechanical or thermal stress.


Technical Data:

Measurement range:

µr = 1.000 to 1.999




LCD 3½ digits



Accuracy at 20 °C:

(µr - 1) x 5%

Operating temperature:

0 to 50 °C

Field strength at probe tip:

~ 35 kA/m

Minimum measurement sample size:

20x20x8 mm (LxWxH)

Power supply:

9 V PP3 battery

Operation time:

~ 50 h

Environmental protection:



Permeability measurement compliant with ASTM A342 and EN 60404-15


Calibrated to reference standards of National Physical Laboratory, UK

Dimensions of unit:

151 mm x 82 mm x 33 mm

Length of probe:

35 mm

Diameter of probe:

19 mm

Length of connection cable:

1.5 m

Weight of complete instrument:

280 g

Scope of supply:
Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster with probe, calibration standard and case, including calibration certificate

24 months

Customs tariff no.:

9031 8080

Scope of supply:
Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster with probe, calibration standard (~ µr 1.35) and case, including calibration certificate

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