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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Corrosion Testing and Material Thickness Measurement

The Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement is used to determine the thickness of a material, for example the wall of a tank or pipe. An ultrasonic thickness gauge is also applicable for detecting material errors, as a corrosion tester. The ultrasonic test technique is based on the fact that sound waves propagate differently quickly in different media.

Material thickness measurement by means of ultrasonic wall thickness gauge

Objects can also be inspected by the thickness tester in the built-in state, as necessary in the case of pipes, tanks and only one-sided reachable parts. The sound waves are reflected to the thickness gauge at the rear side, and cavities, inclusions, cracks, etc. inside the part to be tested, reflect the sound pulse, and send it back to the probe of the ultrasonic thickness tester, which acts as both transmitter and receiver.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges MX-1 MX-2 MX-3 MX-5DL

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MX-1 MX-2 MX-3 MX-5DL

The Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges MX-1, MX-2, MX-3 and MX-5DL are easy-to-use devices for measuring the thickness of homogeneous material.

MX-1 offers one storable sound velocity.

MX-2 knows 8 fixed and allows 2 storable sound velocities.

MX-3 can determine the sound velocity based on a reference value, and the Scan mode helps to determine the minimum material thickness.

MX-5DL also has a data logger, an interface and more special functions.

A variety of transducers can be used with the devices.

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges MMX-6 MMX-6DL

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MMX-6 MMX-6DL

The Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MMX-6 contains all the functions of the MX devices (MX-5DL, but without data logger) with the additional possibility of measuring even on coated parts without taking the coating into account during the measurement.

MMX-6DL also offers a data logger.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge PX-7DL

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge PX-7DL

The Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge PX-7DL is a special device for the very accurate measurement of thin materials. The device works exclusively with Single Element Delay Line Transducers with two measuring functions. The Echo-Echo method is used for measuring very thin objects without the coating taking part in the measurement. Scratching or removing the coating is not necessary. The Pulse-Echo method is used for thicker material.

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