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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MX-5DL

Thickness Gauge for measuring the thickness of homogeneous materials

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MX-5DL

What is wall thickness measurement?

The Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement is used to determine the thickness of a material, for example the wall of a tank or pipe.

Detecting material defects, corrosion and inclusions with ultrasound

The Ultrasonic Measuring Technique is used to measure the thickness of steel and all other metals, glass and homogenous plastics and to detect material flaws, corrosion and pits. The main advantage of ultrasonic measurement over traditional methods is that an ultrasonic thickness tester can work with access to only one side of the material being measured. Ultrasonic gauges are used as a thickness tester in the automotive, aircraft, machine and tool industry and especially as a corrosion tester to check the residual thickness of tanks and tubes.

Our ultrasonic wall thickness gauges

The ultrasonic thickness gauge series MX work with dual-element (transmit and receive) transducers, which not only measure the thickness of materials of 0.7 mm and up, but are as well suitable to detect material flaws, corrosion and pits. A wide selection of dual-element transducers for any material, geometry and different applications is available. The correct setting of the correct sound velocity, which depends solely on the material, is significant to a successful measurement.

MX-5DL has the ability to calibrate to a variety of different materials using a one or two-point calibration option or with a mechanically measured thickness. This is very important when high accuracy of measurement is requested. The Scan mode helps to determine the minimum material thickness. It additionally has an automatic data logger with a capacity of 1000 readings, a serial RS232 interface for data transfer and evaluation on a PC. An Alarm mode and a Differential mode is also included.


Technical Data Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MX-5DL

Measuring Range: depending on material/transducer 0.7 - 500 mm
Sonar Velocity Range: 1250 – 10000 m/sec
Resolution: 0.01 mm
Display: 4½ digit LCD, backlight
Measurement: 4 readings per second, 16 per second in Scan mode (MX-3 / MX-5DL)
Temperature Range: -20° to 50° C
Power Supply: 2x 1.5V AA Mignon
Operating time: approx. 130 hours
Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 32 mm
Weight: 295 g (with batteries)
MX-5DL functions
Data logger: to 1000 readings
Differential Mode: Display of difference from a value entered
Alarm Mode: If measurement falls below preset minimum, red LED and sound beeper
Interface: RS232 output sends thickness readings to a printer or PC


Scope of supply Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MX-5DL:

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MX-5DL including transducer T-102-2000 (5 MHz, ø 6.5 mm, measuring range 1-150 mm), USB cable, coupling gel, certificate and case


Download DakView 3v38f (MX-1,MX-2,MX-5DL)