List-Magnetik offers individual solutions for demagnetization and portable devices


A demagnetizer reduces the residual magnetism / the remanence to a value close to zero and are therefore used in the demagnetization of machine parts of all kinds, tools, cutting plates and bulk material. For that purpose, portable or stationary systems are used, and respectively dependent on the size and number of parts to be demagnetized. Both systems function according to the same principle: They slowly reduce the interfering fields acting on an object to zero from their maximum value. Simple hand-held demagnetizers have a coil with an electrical core, which is connected to the alternating current network. The coil is slowly moved over the objects.

Portable or stationary demagnetizing systems

List-Magnetik has decades of experience in the fields of magnetization and demagnetization, and as a result, we also design and manufacture individual stationary demagnetization systems. The demagnetization of steel parts is a complex topic, and in many cases, can only be solved by exactly adapted methods.

Decades of experience in magnetization and demagnetization

The picture shows a system for the demagnetization of vehicle parts with a conveyor belt for integration into a production line. The control cabinet operates in the capacitor discharge method SIE (Schwing-Impuls-Entmagnetisierungsverfahren / oscillation pulse demagnetization method) with a high-current thyristor circuit. In the coil tunnel the discharge takes place with a slow decaying field. The demagnetizing frequency is very low (10 - 20 Hz), and results in very high field strengths which penetrate through the solid part and completely eliminate residual magnetism.