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List-Magnetik - leading German special machines manufacturer for magnetization and demagnetization.

Our strengths are individual, customer-specific solutions and device construction, to the absolute highest precision. A List-Magnetik magnetizer is a long-lasting and maintenance-friendly investment.



The magnetization

In the magnetizing process, a non-magnetic material (e.g. iron) becomes magnetic. The magnetization is effected by a parallel alignment of the elementary magnets in the material. For this purpose, the material is exposed to an external magnetic field.

Increasingly higher magnetization requirements

More significantly in the automotive industry, there is a growing demand in respect of the requirements of permanent-magnet-activated electric motors, in ever smaller sizes, with ever stronger torques. Thus, the ferrite or rare earth stators need an increasingly higher magnetization. In order to achieve optimum magnetization for the required magnetizing coils, while simultaneously producing low noise motors, a perfect design is indispensable.

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The demagnetization

A demagnetizer reduces the residual magnetism / the remanence to a value close to zero, and are therefore used in the demagnetization of machine parts of all kinds, tools, cutting plates and bulk material.

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