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Project solution demagnetization with oscillation pulse discharge

Solution for large parts that cannot be demagnetized deep enough with simple AC coils.

Projektlösung Entmagnetisierung mit Schwing-Impuls-Entladung


The demagnetization of steel parts is a complex topic and in many cases can only be solved with precisely adapted methods. The picture shows a system for demagnetizing vehicle parts with a conveyor belt for integration into a production line. The switch cabinet works in the capacitor discharge process SIE (oscillation pulse demagnetization process) with a high-current thyristor circuit. In the coil tunnel, the discharge takes place with a slowly decaying field curve. The demagnetization frequency is very low (10 - 20 Hz). This creates very high field strengths that penetrate the massive part and completely eliminate the residual magnetism.

List-Magnetik supplies these and other individual demagnetization systems from a single source: We can manufacture and connect the electrotechnical installation, mechanical components and control technology. Our measurement technology is used to measure the success of the system.

List Magnetik - demagnetization using the oscillating impulse discharge method:

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