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Multipole permanent magnetizer PM-200

Permanent magnetizer for multipolar magnetization of magnetic foils and tapes, on one or two faces, with a pole pitch of 3-6 mm

This permanent magnetic process specially developed by List-Magnetik enables optimal multipolar magnetization in one pass, without the use of electrical energy. The throughput speed can be up to a maximum of 10 meters per minute without stopping the film during the magnetization process.

The magnetizing effect is based on a double roller system made of strong rare earth magnets, between which the film is pulled. With a magnetic field strength of up to 8,000 A/cm, perfect saturation of the magnetic material is possible, without the high energy consumption of a capacitor discharge.

It is a purely mechanical device that does not require a power connection and can be operated on-site. The thickness of the magnetic foils can be up to 4 mm.

Alternatively, the magnetizing roller for magnetizing magnetic foils up to a width of 1 meter can also be manufactured with an integrated drive.

Multipole permanent magnetizer PM-200

Schematic representation of the magnetic field

Multipole permanent magnetizer PM-200

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