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High performance Magnetizing and Demagnetizing equipment UKI

High-voltage systems for effective magnetization or demagnetization using the capacitor discharge method

The modular UKI systems can be configured according to the project task and are available as UKI-MHV magnetizing systems, UKI-DHV demagnetizing systems or in the combined UKI-MDHV design for integrated processes comprising magnetization, demagnetization and calibration.

Magnetizing unit UKI-MHV

The UKI-MHV magnetizer is built up modularly according to the required magnetizing capacity and is excellently suited for magnetizing highly coercive magnetic materials such as neodymium, SmCo or Sm2Co17. Both single magnets and complex multipole magnet systems can be magnetized in a short cycle time.

Technical design of the UKI-MHV magnetizing system

All UKI devices contain a peak current pulse measurement for monitoring the magnetizing field strength. The magnetizing units are designed for 3-shift operation and can be supplied with various interfaces (24V signals / Profibus / Profinet / EtherCAT) for an automated production environment or for quality monitoring.

UKI units are IP54 protected and can also be used in dirty production environments. The safety circuits used meet the requirements of PL d according to DIN EN 13849 and have a two-channel redundant design.

Best price/performance ratio for magnetizing systems via simulation

Modern FEM simulation software is used to determine the magnetizing performance in order to realize an optimal price/performance ratio with simultaneous fast cycle times.

Project solutions for magnetization

As a project solution, we supplement the magnetizing equipment with manual workstations with automated feeding of the magnet system into a magnetizing coil in the protected work area.

The device power can be designed from 1000 Ws to 100 kWs and charging voltage from 1kV to 3kV. Connections for multiple magnetizing devices / magnetizing coils can be connected and electronically switched. Electronic capacity switching is also possible in order to be able to optimally magnetize both small and large magnet systems on one system.

For the magnetizing systems we offer project-related suitable magnetizing coils, which are adapted to the magnet system and optimized with regard to cycle time and heating. These magnetizing coils can be supplied with electrical air cooling or water cooling. Temperature monitoring is also available as an option, which automatically switches off the magnetizing system when a too high limit temperature is reached.

Checking the magnetizing performance

In order to verify the full function of the magnetizing equipment, we have developed our Magnetizing System QuAD (Quality Assurance Device). The best method to measure the magnetic field of a magnetizing coil is to custom make a probe that exactly replicates the magnet system. The probe can be positioned precisely to measure at the same location where the magnet will later be located. Like a crash test dummy, this is a measurement dummy, so to speak. For this purpose, we supply our magnetic field meters with very fast pulse measurement. This handy measuring system can be sent for calibration at any time without having to check the magnetizing system or having it stopped.

Magnetizing equipment UKI-MHV

UKI-DHV demagnetizing unit

With a demagnetizer UKI-DHV the demagnetization of large-volume steel parts can be performed excellently. Demagnetization is possible with an adjustable demagnetizing frequency from 3 to 50 Hz. Bulk parts in containers can also be demagnetized. Here, a decaying oscillation is generated between a capacitor bank and a demagnetizing coil. We also offer project-specific demagnetizing coils for the demagnetizing systems that match the object to be demagnetized.

Project solutions for demagnetization

For demagnetizing devices, we also offer project-specific matching conveyor belt equipment in which the demagnetizing coil is installed for automatic feeding and demagnetizing of the parts to be demagnetized.

Demagnetizer pulse UKI-DHV

Combined magnetizing/demagnetizing unit UKI-MDHV

A combined magnetizing/demagnetizing unit UKI-MDHV is used where a magnet system is calibrated by alternating magnetization and demagnetization. In this process, a magnet system can be automatically calibrated to a specific magnetic flux value. Therefore, an additional measuring unit for magnetic flux is installed in UKI-MDHV. The systems can be configured with different pulse shape (sine function / E-function, or Demag pulse).

Calibration of a magnet system

During magnetization and calibration, the magnet system is first automatically magnetized to saturation and then calibrated to a specified target flux value using DC pulses with opposite polarity. The magnet system is then stabilized with an alternating field pulse. The background for this complex process sequence is that the magnet material is first fully saturated by the magnetization process in order to retain the necessary coercive field strength after calibration to the defined flux value.

Technical Data High performance Magnetizing and Demagnetizing equipment UKI

Power: 1000 to 100,000 Ws
Charging voltage: adjustable from 1000 V to 3000 V depending on the application and the dimensions of the magnet system to be magnetized
Minimum cycle time magnetizing: 3 to 60 seconds, depending on the power of the magnetizing system and the coil configuration
Minimum cycle time demagnetizing: 3 to 8 seconds, depending on the demagnetizing frequency
Connection: in Europe 3 x 400 V / 16 A / 50-60 Hz, or as required
Communication interface: 24 V analog input and output signals, optional Profibus / Profinet / EtherCat
High current connection: On the side panel of the device, connection is made inside the device, other configurations possible
Maximum pulse current: 50 kA
Current measurement: Pulse current measurement with limit setting for monitoring the saturation field strength
Dimension: basic configuration 1200 x 600 x 600 mm


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