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List-Magnetik offers individual solutions for demagnetization and portable devices


A demagnetizing or degaussing device reduces the residual magnetism / remanence down to a value close to zero. They are used to demagnetize all types of machine parts, tools, cutting plates and bulk goods.

Excursus: How does magnetization work?

Magnetizable substances consist of tiny areas that behave like small magnets, so-called elementary magnets. If these elementary magnets are disordered, their effect outside of the body is canceled out. The whole body is then no longer a “magnet”; it is non-magnetic. However, if the majority of the elementary magnets are aligned in the same way, the body acts as a magnet. Strong external magnetic fields are required to align the elementary magnets.


Then, what means demagnetizing?

If objects are unintentionally magnetic, they can or must be demagnetized. With a coil that changes its polarity, the elementary particles become “confused” and lose their uniform alignment. In the end, the magnetism is below the measurable threshold.

Simple demagnetizers and their limits

Mobile demagnetizers are good for small parts or if you have enough time. With a coil that oscillates at 50 Hz in the cycle of our usual alternating voltage, objects with low magnetic properties and small dimensions, especially with little depth, can be demagnetized well. The penetration depth of a mobile demagnetizer is a few centimeters. If necessary, the process must be repeated several times and carried out from different sides.

Flow production or large objects

If mobile demagnetization devices are not sufficient because the cycle time is too short or the object is too long, other techniques have to be used.

Similar to magnetization, strong impulses through capacitor discharge in a tunnel-shaped coil help to create a decaying field. The first impulse is so strong that the object has to be held on the ground if it is not heavy enough.

Portable or stationary demagnetization systems

Whether portable or stationary systems are used depends on the size and number of parts to be processed. Let us know your needs, we can help. The demagnetization of steel parts is a complex topic and, in many cases, can only be solved with precisely adapted methods.

List-Magnetik GmbH

Residual Magnetic Field Meter MP-80

Residual Magnetic Field Meter MP-80


Portable Demagnetizing Devices HE-10 HE-20

Portable Demagnetizing Devices HE-10 HE-20



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