Residual Magnetic Field Meter MP-1

Magnetometer / Gaussmeter for measurement of residual magnetism in steel

Residual Magnetic Field Meter MP-1


With the handy, battery-powered Residual Magnetic Field Meter LIST-MAGNETIK MP-1, you quickly and reliably determine residual magnetism, also called remanence, on ferromagnetic iron and steel parts. The measuring device can also be used for checking demagnetized parts.

The two measuring ranges of the analog display of 0-5 A/cm and 0-20 A/cm correspond to the industry standard of the ball bearing industry. The Hall sensor in the axial field probe is located at a defined measuring distance of 2.0 mm from the measuring surface.

With a magnetic field meter / magnetometer / Gaussmeter / Teslameter (all names describe the same) you can see small differences in the strength of the magnetic field during the magnetic field measuring. From low field values just above the Earth's magnetic field, up to residual magnetism / remanence with low A / cm or Gauss / Oersted residual magnetic field values, the magnetic field meters from List-Magnetik are durable and you get reproducible field strength values during the magnetic field test. In addition, we offer a calibration standard (reference magnet), with which you can always check your magnetic field tester for accuracy.


Data sheet MP-1
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Technical Data Residual Magnetic Field Meter / Gaussmeter / Magnetometer MP-1

Measuring unit: A/cm
Measuring probe: Axial field probe ø 8mm with defined measuring distance of 2.0 mm
Measuring range DC: Residual Magnetism / Remanence in the range 0-5 A/cm and 0-20 A/cm
Accuracy: in the homogeneous field ± 3%
Display: Analog scale with 2 ranges, colored tolerance ranges
Power Supply: 1x 1,5 V battery (baby) with battery indication
Operating Time: approx. 100 h
Dimensions: 83 x 122 x 40 mm
Weight: approx. 300 g (with probe and battery)


Scope of supply Residual Magnetic Field Meter / Gaussmeter / Magnetometer MP-1:

Magnetic Field Meter MP-1 with axial field probe and case, including calibration certificate

Recommended Optionals:

Calibration Standard 5 A/cm