Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster

to determine the relative magnetic permeability µr

Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster


With the Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster you can easily determine the relative magnetic permeability µr of feebly magnetic materials and workpieces with a permeability between 1.001 and 1.999.

The permeability is measured by touching the workpiece with the probe tip and reading the result from the display.

The magnetic permeability or magnetic conductivity makes a statement as to how strong a material is magnetizable.

Typical applications are: non-destructive testing of materials, e. g. quality control of stainless steel, material selection for electron-/ion-beam equipment, detection of material defects induced by mechanical or thermal stress.

Data sheet Ferromaster
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Technical Data Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster

Standards: Permeability measurement compliant with ASTM A342 and EN 60404-15 standards
Measurement range: µr = 1.000 to 1.999
Traceability: Calibrated to reference standards of National Physical Laboratory, UK
Display: LCD 3½ digits
Zeroing: automatically