Magnetic Field Meters

Fluxmeter FL-3

with peak memory, comparator and limit value interface

Fluxmeter FL-3


The Fluxmeter FL-3 is an electronic integrator. It is used to measure the magic flux or flux density of all kind of magnetic systems. The main feature of this instrument is the high sensivity and simultaneously the minimal drift.

The Fluxmeter FL-3 includes a two-gang limit value comparator and a RS232 interface, to which the current value is put out.

All kind of coils or coil probes can be connected to the Fluxmeter FL-3, which are available on request.

The Fluxmeter has a very high input resistance of 33kΩ, eliminating any fault when connecting probes with high internal resistance.

Technical Data

Measuring Ranges: 10 -4 Vs / 10 -5 Vs / 10 -6 Vs
Resolution: 1 x 10 -6 Vs
Drift: < 5 x 10 -6 Vs / min.
Display: LCD 3½ - digit
Interface: serial RS 232
Input resistance: 33kΩ in all measuring ranges
Maximum display value: ± 1999
Analog output: BNC port
Limit value interface: 2 limit value ports for minimum and maximum
Reset: Remote-operated zero setting
Power Supply: 230 V - 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions: 35 x 19 x 27 cm
Weight: 7 kg