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Coating Thickness Meters


with integrated swivel-mounted probe

Coating Thickness Meter TOP-CHECK


With the integrated, world-wide unique 90° swivel-mounted probe of the LIST-MAGNETIK TOP-CHECK coating thickness meters, you always carry out precise measurements. The compact, lightweight devices are barely larger than a probe and are therefore ideal for on-site applications in areas that are difficult to access. For interference-free measurements in harsh environments, the handy metal housing is splash-proof, in accordance with IP 64. Optionally, we also offer equipment with flow-water protection. The measuring probe has a wear-resistant ruby probe pole for a long service life with frequent measurement on rough surfaces.

The devices are very easy to use, with the press of a button, and the self-explanatory multilingual menu.

TOP-CHECK FE is ideal for iron and steel substrates. The device measures insulating layers of lacquer, paint, plastic, rubber, ceramic and galvanic coatings (except nickel) according to ISO 2178. TOP-CHECK FE-B supplements the performance spectrum by data logger and Bluetooth interface.

TOP-CHECK FN has a combined probe that measures insulating layers of paint, varnish, plastic, rubber, ceramics and galvanic coatings (except nickel) in a magnet-inductive measuring method. The device is used on iron and steel subsoil. It is also suitable for measuring insulating layers, according to the eddy current method, on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and non-magnetic stainless steels, according to ISO 2178 and ISO 2360. TOP-CHECK FN-B supplements these services by data logger and Bluetooth interface.

To easily manage and send your measurement data with TOP-CHECK FE-B and TOP-CHECK FN-B, you can use the free Mobile App for Android and the free transfer software for PC.




Coating Thickness Meter TOP-CHECK IP67


Technical Data
Applications: Applications: Measurement of paint, varnish, plastic and galvanic coatings on steel (ISO 2178)
with TOP-CHECK FN and FN-B also measurement of insulating layers on non-ferrous metals (ISO 2360) with automatic detection of base material
Measuring probe: swivel-mounted 90°
Measuring range: on steel and iron: 0-5000 μm
with TOP-CHECK FN and FN-B on NFE metals 0-2000 μm
Smallest Area: TOP-CHECK FE ø 4 mm, TOP-CHECK FN ø 8 mm
Smallest curvature radius: convex: FE 4 mm, NFE 6 mm, concave: 38 mm
Calibration value: 300 µm
Accuracy: less than 100 μm ± 1 μm, 100-1000 μm: ± 1%, 1000-2000 μm: ± 3%,> 2000 μm: ± 5%
Resolution: 1-100 µm: 0.1 µm, 100-1000 µm: 1 µm, > 1000 µm: 10 µm
Measuring units: µm and mils
Environment temperature: 0 - 50° C
Display: illuminated high contrast graphic OLED display
Multi-lingual menu: German, English
Power supply: 1x 1.5 V AA Mignon
Operating time: approx. 30 hours
Dimensions: Ø 28 x 98 mm
Weight: 72 g (with battery)
The devices TOP-CHECK FE-B and FN-B offer additionally:
Data logger: 2 x 500 measurements
Statistics: Count / Maximum / Minimum / Average / Standard deviation
Interface: Bluetooth interface class 2
for communication with PC, TOP-CHECK App and printer


Scope of supply:

TOP-CHECK FE with calibration base plate FE, 2 calibration foils, spare battery and case

TOP-CHECK FE-B with USB Bluetooth receiver, calibration base plate FE, 2 calibration foils, spare battery and case

TOP-CHECK FN with calibration base plates FE+NFE, 2 calibration foils, spare battery and case

TOP-CHECK FN-B with USB Bluetooth receiver, calibration base plates FE+NFE, 2 calibration foils, spare battery and case

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